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It's Awesome


No Personal info needed. Generate your own unique QR code .


KnowQR scan only KnowQR generated QR code.

Get instant notification

Send and receive Notification facility. Get notified and dont miss anything important.

Multiple QR supports

Supports multiple QR code to meet all your needs.

How it works

Sign up in KnowQR. Generate your own QR code. Stick the QR on whatever you want to get notified. Be it House Gate / Vehicle / Bag / any...


Simply scan the QR code, type your message and post . User will be notified with your message.


You will be notified and message will be received for your corresponding QR code.

Handy scenarios

Places where KnowQR will come handy for you. When you especially dont have any other means to contact.

For guest / friends / delivery person etc can scan the QR and pass on the msg to you incase of your absence. You will be notified through KnowQR app.
Wrong parking vehicle owner can be notified and can be informed to take the vehicle, rather waiting for them without any other means to connect. You will be notified if your vehicle is causing issue to others and vice verse. You left the car head lights on, people can contact you without knowing who you are!
Chances of getting back your valubles can be increased, if your possession is attached with KnowQR QR code. A good samaritan can notify you back. Chances are high.
Dont miss your customer at your absence. Give a chance for them to reach you and get connected.

App Features

App login

Login module to secure your account. Also sign into any devices and get notified for all your KnowQR scans.


App scans only KnowQR generated QR code. Other QR codes are avoided

Simple to use

Basic app with easy navigations


Get notified when user scans and send you a message.

Mutiple QR

Generate your own unique QR code for all your need. Be it Home/ Vehicle / Business place/ ...

More Features

Its just the begining, more on the way.

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Dont miss your guest at home, less wrong parking worries, Increased chances of getting valubles back, Not missing customer at absence anymore. Those are just tip of iceberg, explore yourself for more possible features.

Hard Facts

Knowqr in Trending everywhere.More features on the way , Thanks for your Support!!


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