Frequently Asked Questions

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At KnowQR, we provide multiple services addressing personal or business needs.
How to begin using KnowQR

Most of the features in KnowQR are free, Almost all.

One can scan KnowQR QR codes by any mobile QR readers. Even with latest smartphone camera supporting QR reader.

For more personalized use, please download KnowQR free app from App store / Play store.

Can KnowQR QR codes can be scanned by any QR readers ?

Absolutely YES. Can be scanned by any mobile QR reader.

Note: KnowQR code comes with 2 variant. Short code or Tiny url .

If code owner generates QR with selecting Tiny Url option, it can be scanned by any QR reader, else owner is trying to limit their audience to limit only KnowQR users.

How do I get KnowQR QR codes?

One can generate QR via mobile app, generated QR will be sent to your registered email id. Can take printout and use it.

We recommend to order high quality stickers or labels through us. Can get quality labels of your need in any numbers and couriered to your location at much lesser cost . Save your time.

Is my data safe ?

KnowQR never reads or harvest any user info. Its against our policy.
In no way KnowQR associates with any third party app either.

KnowQR needs email id only for registration purpose and sending generated QR codes. No spamming guaranteed.

Options to add your contact numbers are available, wont be available to users unless you “Enable” it.

We recommend to add emergency contact since it could be a lifesaver and “Enable” it .

How do Manufacturers / Industrialists gets QR ?

Feel free to contact us for getting bulk QR to address your business needs.

Warranty / Content / Notifications type QR can be generated in bulk based on order.

Individual manufacturer / dealer login will be provided where they can customize and manage their QRs.

Not able to generate Warranty type QR?

Warranty is our premium feature , Kindly place order for Warranty to ‘’.

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